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Welcome to NewBehavior AG

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Welcome to NewBehavior AG

Our company develops state-of-the art technology for automated measuring and shaping of animal behavior. Thanks to our profound scientific knowledge and many years of using and optimizing our systems for behavioral research in our labs our customers can rely on a rare combination of cutting-edge technology and reliability.
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At NewBehavior AG we combine state-of-the-art science and unique engineering to solve current and upcoming challenges in behavioral brain research. We do not simply provide customers with hard- and software but also with thorough support encompassing wide scientific areas where our products can be applied.

The number of genetically modified mice created to investigate the neural basis of behavior is rapidly increasing, but most involved laboratories lack the resources to test sufficiently large numbers of mice in conventional behavioral tests.

Our automated in-cage testing offers not only the required high throughput and flexibility, but will also remain compatible with increasingly severe governmental regulations on animal experimentation. A particular challenge of toxicological research is to detect discrete and chronic behavioral changes. Long-term in-cage testing offers maximal sensitivity and efficiency in detecting such changes. With our comprehensive hard- and software packages we help our costumers to find the most perfectly adapted solution for their specific needs.

Read more about the idea and concept behind IntelliCage:

High-throughput and Automated Behavioural Screening of Normal and Genetically Modified Mice

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