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Welcome to NewBehavior AG

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NewBehavior is brainchild of Prof. Hans-Peter Lipp, who has spearheaded modern automated behavioral research for decades.

Our parent laboratory is the Division of Neuroanatomy and Behavior at the University of Zürich (read more under "partners"). The research of the laboratory has led to the development of in-cage and outdoor learning devices for free-ranging mouse populations as well as micro-GPS systems for tracking the movement of free-ranging animals. At NewBehavior AG we now seek to use our scientific knowhow and engineering to make our products flexible and, together with our parent company TSE Systems, commercially available.

  • Vision

We provide our customers with leading technology and knowledge for measuring brain processes and behavior in freely moving animals.

  • Mission

We combine cutting edge knowledge about behavior with state-of-the-art technology in our products and services.

  • Business model

Our advanced scientific and technical know-how of behavioral analysis and legislative trends in fields of phenotyping mouse models in molecular biology, psychopharmacology, toxicology and others defined by customers is ideally suited to develop and manufacture advanced and sophisticated instrumentation. The expertise and product quality supplied by NewBehavior enables our parent company, TSE Systems, to successfully market and support our systems.

  • Core competencies
    • Acquisition of scientific knowledge about behavior. We ensure top quality and actuality by close cooperation with leading edge scientist and engineers
    • Development of systems for testing animals moving freely in their familiar cages in social groups
    • Mastering processes from development, manufacturing, customer services to quality assurance
Our company  is based on a strong relationship to researchers in the scientific community. In addition, our scientific advisory board assres the qualtiy of our knowledge and products.
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NewBehavior AG

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