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NewBehavior Partners

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We ensure top quality and actuality by close cooperation with leading edge scientist and engineers. NewBehavior AG defines itself through our close collaboration with scientists and engineers.

Our partners:

H.-P. Lipp - Division of Neuroanatomy and Behavior at the Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich

This laboratory has been leading in developing standardized behavioral analyses of now more than 70 mutant and inbred mouse strains.

  • It has been instrumental in founding the International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS), has co-organized courses on transgenic mouse behavior at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organization EMBO.
  • Another focus is ecological brain research. This has led to the development of outdoor learning devices for free-living mouse populations, and to the development of micro-GPS systems for tracking homing paths of pigeons.
  • Further fields of the laboratory include developmental toxicology, ecotoxicology and comparative neuroanatomy.

D.P. Wolfer - Division of Functional Neuroanatomy at the  Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich

This laboratory runs a battery of IntelliCages which operates day and night, 24/7. Besides NewBehavior's own animal lab this team provides useful information about IntelliCages intensely used.

S. Neuhauss – Zentrum für Neurowissenschaften Zürich ZNZ Neuroscience Center Zurich

Prof. Neuhauss has originally developed methods to analyze Zebrafish functions and behavior, which have found their application in our VisioTracker and VisioTrainer.

M. Schwab – Universität Zürich Hirnforschungsinstitut / Brain Research Institute

Prof. Schwab is a much-respected and honored neuroscientist specializing in central nervous system repair and regeneration mechanisms. To this end, it is vital for his research to be able to analyze kinematic behavior of injured animal models as well as observe the effects of training regimes. Under his tutelage, the foundations of TSE Systems´ MotoRater kinematic analysis system have been developed.

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