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SocialBox add-on

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Mice & SocialBox Mice & SocialBox
IC Plus - SocialBox Analyzer IC Plus - SocialBox Analyzer
IC Plus - SocialBox software IC Plus - SocialBox software
SocialBox is an extension to IntelliCage which allows for additional monitoring of the spatial distribution of mice within the IntelliCage setup. The system uses the same transponder technology as the IntelliCage and is controlled by our upgraded IntelliCage Plus software.

Setup 1IC/1SB

The transponder-based RFID - technology of IntelliCage allows the monitoring of individual social behavior of mice. Additional cages can be used either for monitoring social interactions between mice or for the monitoring of individual spatial preference patterns. Up to four SocialBoxes can be added to one IntelliCage creating 5 compartments to stay. SocialBoxes are used for different tasks including monitoring of preference or avoidance in experiments by creating different environments in the boxes (e.g. different conditions of lighting, temperature, color, padding, by olfactory/acoustic devices or novel objects). SocialBox also allows detection of social patterns. The SocialBoxes are controlled by an upgrade made to the existing IntelliCage Plus – software. Using the same RFID – technology of IntelliCage allows to expand the possibilities of testing mice without additional mouse handling for transpondering.

Experimental and control animals can be held in the same or a separate system. The IntelliCage Plus – software allows upgrading to a maximum of 8 IntelliCages respectively 32 SocialBoxes (= up to 128 mice) as your demands grow. An initially basic system can thus be upgraded gradually up to the maximal setup.

General features

  • expands existing IntelliCages to a multi-arena system
  • allows studies on social and/or preference patterns
  • up to 4 additional rooms attached to each IntelliCage
  • offers additional space for enriched environment
  • same high level of standardization as in IntelliCage
  • expands the capacity of the system to more mice to be tested simultaneously

Behavioral features

  • territoriality – spatial exclusion
  • bonding – temporal synchronization
  • dominance – chasing, precedences
  • social structure – temporal and spatial clusters
  • spatial preference/avoidance
  • novel object presentation
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