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IC controller IC controller
IntelliCage V1.4 IntelliCage V1.4
learning & conditioning corner learning & conditioning corner
corner from inside corner from inside
IC designer IC designer
IC analyser view 1 IC analyser view 1
IC analyser view 2 IC analyser view 2
Setup of an IntelliCage-system Setup of an IntelliCage-system
IntelliCage was designed to permit automated cognitive and behavioral screening of mutant or treated mice living in social groups.
As one of the biggest sources of experimental 'noise' comes from the scientist measuring behavior and humans are seen as dangerous predators, we minimized the human factor.
IntelliCage allows normal social behavior of mice and respects animal welfare. Your mice will act and react more naturally in an undisturbed and enriched environment - increasing the quality and comparability of your data while minimizing your effort!

                                                               mouse on IC

IntelliCage is the answer for scientists, which could not keep up with the screening of the increasing numbers of new mouse strains anymore. By creating IntelliCage we solved several problems at once:

General features

  • fully automated screening for behavioral and cognitive malfunctions of mice living in social groups
  • transponder technology permits assessment of individual performance
  • high level of standardization achieved by minimizing human disturbance and performing automated monitoring
  • allows uninterrupted short- or long-term monitoring
  • standardized web-based data analysis saves time and manpower
  • permits experts to focus on mechanistic analysis of detected effects
  • animal friendly: group living reduces stereotypies, more natural behavior can be observed
  • user friendly: our software modules allow use of the system without behavioral know-how being necessary

Technical description

Per cage:
Per intelligent corner:
  • 4 intelligent corners
  • programmable microprocessor for reading of transponders and communication of data to controller
  • software for the programming, monitoring and data analysis of IntelliCage
  • additional software modules for standardized mass phenotyping
  • personal programming to address specific questions possible
  • sensors registering temperature and lighting condition in the animal roomensors registering temperature and lighting conditions in the animal living space

The IntelliCage gets even more versatile with the help of these add-ons, which allow the creation of multi-arena environments:

  • 2 access doors to liquid rewards triggered by nose-pokes
  • 1 antenna for recognition of individual transponders (Trovan or DataMars recommended)
  • 2 liquid bottles (accessible independently)
  • air valve for administration of punishment (air puffs)
  • signaling multicolor-LEDs for choice discrimination
  • temperature sensor confirms animal presence inside the corner

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